Without FAITH it is impossible…
– Hebrews 11:6

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100% of children graduating prepared for the choice of college without remediation.

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What is FAITH for Forward

Faith for Forward is the foundational principle of the FaithBridge movement. It is the awareness, alignment and actions that affirm our unwavering belief that FAITH is an essential component to move us forward, to ensure a high-quality education for every child.

It will take:

in the Cause

We must have faith that our CAUSE is just! We do not apologize for what we pursue. It is just to seek, to demand, and to deliver a high-quality education for every child.

in the Children

We must have faith in CHILDREN, and exercise faith for children by confronting insanities and dismantling silos that impede a high-quality education for every child.

in the Community

We must have faith in COMMUNITY! When we operate as a collective, we are positioned to shift the paradigm of possibilities expeditiously for every child.

in the Collaboration

We must have faith in COLLABORATION! We bridge relationships and resources that are essential for ensuring a high-quality education for every child.

About FaithBridge

FaithBridge is committed to bridging relationships and resources to ensure a high-quality education for every child. We boldly aim for a reality where 100% of children are receiving an equitable and excellent education that prepares them for the choice of college without remediation!

The FaithBridge Team


James Coleman

Executive Director

Drenay Melville

Bridge Builder, NNE & FNE Denver

Sandra Williams

Education Specialist

Vernon Jones Jr.

Executive Partner

Larry Thomas

Bridge Builder, 50 Fathers & Ecumenical Partners


Janet Matthews

Education Specialist

Carla Blanc

Dev. Specialist

Maya Moorman

Bridge Builder, SE & Central Denver

Andrea Lewis

Education Specialist

Angela Hardy

Education Specialist

April Martinez

Bridge Builder, SW & NW Denver

Debra Rankin

Education Specialist

Nathan Adams

Rev. Nathan Adams


Pastor, Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Khadija Haynes


CEO/President, K-Solutions LLC, Denver, CO


Lee Kathryn Gash-Maxey


Executive Director of the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce, Denver, CO

The FaithBridge Movement

The strength of FaithBridge flows from the ability of the Faith community to unite around a single cause, with a single focus and a single voice—to ensure every child can get a high-quality education without restrictions or limitations of any kind.

  • DrFouther

    Pastors Aligned Changing Education (PACE) brings Faith Leaders from all denominations together to dialogue, learn, build relationships, and to collaborate on solutions by engaging with education leaders at the school, district, or state level. PACE operates to set the pace for equitable transformation in education.

  • movement4

    FaithBridge Impact Training (FIT) is how we build up, congregational, community, and individual advocates. It is through our FIT that we ensure that we are aware, aligned, and acting to ensure a high-quality education for all children.

  • movement31

    Parent Support Circles provide direct supports to a child's first teachers and best advocates, parents/guardians. These circles help to build up parents/guardians with tips and tools to use at home. In addition, PCS help to establish and strengthen relationships so that we stand in solidarity and support as parents/guardians have needs.

  • DomandGreg

    Civic Engagement involves a commitment to increasing registered voters, expanding voter awareness, growing voter turnout and helping to grow leaders that will run for office, at every level of government, for the benefit of ALL children.

Ways You Can Join the FaithBridge Movement

Join our
Funding Partners' Circle

Our Funders are more than dollars given! They are thought partners in the work to bring about transformative change!

Join our
Leaders' Circle

What leaders do, matters! Join our Leaders' Circle to set the PACE for transformative change for our children!

Join our
Educators' Circle

Educator voices, perspectives, and brilliance are vital! Join our Educators' Circle to influence the way forward for our children!

Join our
Community Advocactes' Circle

Community must co-create the way forward to bring about transformative change for our children! Join a Community Advocates' Circle.

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