Without FAITH it is impossible…
– Hebrews 11:6

Welcome to FaithBridge

We are BUILDING & BRIDGING relationships and resources to co-create solutions that break cycles of insanity that have denied and do deny children the best opportunities and outcomes.

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Our FAITHBRIDGE systems SHIFT model

For us, it is about RELATIONSHIPS, RESOURCES, REPRESENTATION, and RESULTS to shift mindsets to ensure an equitable and excellent education for every child.

It will take:


We create circles for relationships to be built and bridged, in and across communities, so that we move together for better outcomes and opportunities for children.  


We have committed our resources with a mindset of abundance, not scarcity, to courageously and equitably meet the needs of children in all schools, in every community.


We cultivate informed representation of students, parents, educators, and ecumenical leaders to shift policies and practices to equitably benefit all children.


We co-create solutions with our community to realize the results of 100% of children ready for the choice of college, and appropriately prepared to realize their dreams.  

About FaithBridge

FaithBridge is committed to building and bridging relationships and resources to ensure an equitable and excellent education for every child. We boldly aim for a reality where 100% of children graduate ready for the choice of college and appropriately prepared to realize their dreams.

Meet the Team

We are nothing without the great people that make up Team FaithBridge!


Vernon Jones Jr.

Executive Leader


James Coleman Sr.




Bridge Builder, Southeast



Bridge Builder, Northwest



Bridge Builder, Central



Bridge Builder, Northeast



Bridge Builder, Southwest



Programs Assistant

Ways You Can Join the FaithBridge Movement

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Funding Partners' Circle

Our Funders are more than dollars given! They are thought partners in the work to bring about transformative change!

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Leaders' Circle

What leaders do, matters! Join our Leaders' Circle to set the PACE for transformative change for our children!

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Educators' Circle

Educator voices, perspectives, and brilliance are vital! Join our Educators' Circle to influence the way forward for our children!

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Community Advocactes' Circle

Community must co-create the way forward to bring about transformative change for our children! Join a Community Advocates' Circle.

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