Meet the FaithBridge Education Team

We are excited about the brilliance that makes up our FaithBridge Education Team! Combined experience in education of more than 200 years! They know their stuff! These amazing people represent the best that have served in our community, supported the learning of so many children, and stood by families through the storms that have come!

They aren't finished yet! The FaithBridge Education Team (FBET) continues to forward our efforts to ensure that inequalities and inequities are abolished and that Black, Brown, and marginalized children and their families are served well by classrooms, schools, and school districts. They are fired up about it!

Our John R. Lewis Academy Micro-Village entered its 4th year and we continue to provide students and parents with a learning space that HEALS!

  • History
  • Efficacy
  • Arts
  • Literacy
  • STEM

Ms. Janet

Education Team, Lead


Mrs. Debra

Education Team, K-1 Specialist


Ms. Sherry

School Support Specialist, K-5


Ms. Angie

Education Team, 2-3 Specialist


Mrs. Sandy

Education Team, ECE-K Specialist


Mrs. Andrea

Education Team, 4-5 Specialist