Meet the FaithBridge Education Team

We are excited about the brilliance that makes up our FaithBridge Education Team! Combined experience in education of more than 200 years! They know their stuff! These amazing people represent the best that have served in our community, supported the learning of so many children, and stood by families through the storms that have come!

They aren't finished yet! The FaithBridge Education Team (FBET) continues to forward our efforts to ensure that inequalities and inequities are abolished and that Black, Brown, and marginalized children and their families are served well by classrooms, schools, and school districts. They are fired up about it!

"We've all been in this work for a long time and we've seen the same children failed, not by accident. All of us have fought on the inside and now we strategize and build during this new season of our lives as teammates at FaithBridge," said Janet Matthews.

"Our goal is to come alongside parents/guardians, provide supports and tools, that help parents to help their children to thrive," said Sherry, "we get to do this in a personal way that gives equitable attention to each family."

The FaithBridge Education team is passionate about literacy and leans in to help parents improve the literacy skills of their children.

"Literacy is liberation, and as we know historically, literacy has been kept from us because of the power that comes when you can read a law, directions, a job application," said Deb, "our job is to help parents ensure the liberation of their children by improving literacy."


Sandra Todd-Williams

Education Specialist


Janet Matthews

Education Specialist


Deb Rankin

Education Specialist


Andrea Lewis

Education Specialist


Angela Hardy

Education Specialist


Sherry Bright

Education Specialist

Register to participate in our virtual Parent Support Circle! We meet every Thursday at 6:00 PM! Click here to register.

Register your student to participate in our Summer Academic Intensives through our John R. Lewis Community Academy! We will be serving students over three cohorts this summer! Space is limited. Click here for more info and to register.

FaithBridge will be partnering with the Center for Community Innovation and Impact (CCII) on their upcoming Speak LIFE series to raise the awareness of parents around issues of: Liberation in education, Innovation in education, Funding in education, and Equity in education! More info to come!!