FaithBridge Community Academy

FBCA is unapologetically about the liberation of children, families, and communities through education.

We specifically focus on supporting Black families, and generally all families, as they support their children to achieve the academic gains that will position them to live the full potential of their lives.

COVID-19 did not create the gaps, injustices, or educational violence, it exposed them, and we have to act with urgency to meet the needs of students and families to ensure better outcomes.

We believe that parents/guardians are the first teachers and advocates for children, and we are committed to providing a year-round supplement to remote and in-person learning to raise agency, awareness, and action among parents/guardians for the benefit of children.

We believe that total wellness is the mandatory baseline for liberation. Children and parents must be supported and served equitably and with excellence. This is inclusive of mind, body, spirit, and social care to heal from previous and existing trauma, and to thrive moving forward.

Our calendar for the FBCA is:

July - August 2020: Planning & Production

Sept. 7 - November 2020: Fall Learning Circles

December: Winter Break

January - March 2021: Winter/Spring Learning Circles

April - June 2021: Spring/Summer Learning Circles


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