Hello Central Denver! I am Larry Thomas and I am your Bridge Builder for Central Denver! I am a husband, father and DPS Alum. I attended George Washington H.S. and  received my GED. I recently graduated from Denver Seminary with a Masters in Theology.

My academic journey like a lot of people had its twists and turns. I made some poor choices but was given multiple opportunities to  redeem myself and become successful. I want to see people reach their full potential, overcome setbacks and flourish. I am happy to be on Team FaithBridge and moving with community to co-create the realities that will provide children with the best opportunities and outcomes!

Please stay connected as we do this work together! You can reach me via phone at 720-608-0043 or via my email at


REGIONAL CONVERSATION CIRCLE - Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 5:30 PM Location: George Washington High School, 655 S. Monaco St. Parkway